"Engineering a Better Cup of Coffee" on Coffee 101 Podcast

In this episode, Kenneth at Umble Coffee sits down with Professor William Ristenpart, director of the UC Davis Coffee Center, to discuss the efforts that are being made to engineer a better cup of coffee. They explore how the industry is working to reduce the level of waste generated and make better use of the byproducts. Currently, humans only consume around 3% of the coffee cherries that are harvested. That is why the industry is exploring new ways to use those waste materials and enhance the fermentation and roasting processes so that less energy is consumed.

Coffee Center hosts fifth annual Sensory Summit

From January 30 – February 1, the UC Davis Coffee Center welcomed the coffee industry to campus for the fifth annual Sensory Summit, organized by the Specialty Coffee Association. The event, held in the Robert Mondavi Institute’s Sensory Theater, brings together coffee professionals and sensory scientists to learn from one another to brew a better cup of coffee.

Starbucks R&D Team Visits UC Davis Coffee Center

Three chemical engineers from Starbucks Coffee research and development visited the UC Davis Coffee Center for a tour led by Professor and Director William Ristenpart on Wednesday, October 16

The team toured the Coffee Center’s three facilities—the sensory lab at the Robert Mondavi Institute, the undergraduate coffee lab in Everson Hall and the Coffee Center building by Putah Creek—to learn about the center, its research and its vision for the future.

Juliet Han represents UC Davis at Coffee Fest 2019 Panel

Probat Roasting Fellow Juliet Han served as a panelist this weekend at Coffee Fest Los Angeles 2019. The panel, called “Ask the Experts: Women in Roasting,” was a 90-minute Q&A session with Han, Mariana Faerron of Tico Coffee Roasters and Zakiya Mason of Go Get Em Tiger and moderated by Roast Magazine’s Claire Harriman.