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Visit the UC Davis Coffee Center

The UC Davis Coffee Center welcomes guests who want to learn more about its facilities and research. The Coffee Center at UC Davis has three different locations, including the main Coffee Center building, the Undergraduate Coffee Lab in Everson Hall and additional lab facilities in the Robert Mondavi Institute Sensory Buildings. Here are some basic directions to get you started. Please contact us if you need more information.

UC Davis Coffee Center

UC Davis Coffee Center

Located in the old Advanced Materials Research Lab in the UC Davis Arboretum, the Coffee Center building is a short walk from the College of Engineering, the Robert Mondavi Institute and the School of Veterinary Medicine. Find directions and parking information on the interactive campus map.

Undergraduate Coffee Lab

Undergraduate coffee lab

The Undergraduate Coffee Lab is in the heart of campus at Everson Hall. The facility serves 1,500 students every year and is the home of ECH 1: The Design of Coffee, the class that started it all. Find directions and parking information on the interactive campus map.