uc davis coffee center graduate education


There are many people truly passionate about the science of coffee but unfortunately, there is currently nowhere in the United States that offers an advanced degree specifically in coffee. A long-term goal for the UC Davis Coffee Center is to create and offer a first-of-its-kind graduate program: a master’s degree in Coffee Science.

Modeled closely on UC Davis’s existing world-class graduate programs in wine and beer science, the master’s degree in Coffee Science will be a one-to-two year program that provides advanced, multidisciplinary education focused specifically on coffee. Proposed core courses will include the physical chemistry and engineering principles of roasting and brewing, sensory analysis and consumer science, and plant science and coffee agronomy. The core classes will be complemented by electives from across UC Davis to allow students to develop expertise in their specific area of interest. The master’s degree in Coffee Science will provide a sorely needed talent pipeline for the coffee industry and provide crucial focused training for students to accelerate their careers.

The program is in development now and will take several years to go through the rigorous review process required by the university. But what if you’re interested in graduate education focused on coffee right now? No need to wait several years: there are graduate programs all over UC Davis with passionate faculty doing research on coffee, including faculty in the departments of food science, plant science, chemistry, agricultural engineering, agricultural economics and many more. A good place to start is the faculty roster for the Coffee Center. Please feel free to reach out faculty in your area of interest to inquire about research possibilities.