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Corporate and individual partners will play a vital role in the UC Davis Coffee Center and in shaping the future of coffee science and education. From research partnerships and graduate fellowships to building renovation support and gifts-in-kind, there are a variety of ways to support and engage with the Coffee Center. We welcome the opportunity to explore with you what a partnership might look like between you or your company and the UC Davis Coffee Center. Some of the opportunities include:

Patron's Circle

Patron's circle

The Patrons of the UC Davis Coffee Center help support the development of a world-class facility dedicated to coffee science, in terms of facilities renovation and direct support of students performing research. The centerpiece of the Patron’s Circle is a beautiful mural in the front lobby of the Coffee Center titled “100 Coffee Leaves” designed and painted by local artist Ana Volentine, a daughter of immigrants who grew up on farms in the central coast of California. Each Patron will be recognized by name in the lobby of the Coffee Center, as well as online on the Coffee Center website, and each Patron will receive a giclée canvas print of the mural personally signed by the artist. 

Level of support: $5,000 per year for 2 years. A total of 75% of the funds will be used to renovate the Coffee Center building, and 25% will be used to support graduate students and visiting scholars from coffee-producing countries.

Benefactor's Circle

Benefactor's circle

The Benefactors of the UC Davis Coffee Center provide more significant support over a longer time period to ensure the construction of a world-class sensory lab dedicated to coffee and provide for the long-term growth and flourishing of coffee research and education. Benefactors will receive all benefits listed above, plus Benefactors will receive access to preprints of scholarly publications generated by the Coffee Center. Furthermore, Benefactors will be invited to participate in the Coffee Center annual symposium, where they will have the opportunity to interact with students and attend presentations on cutting edge coffee research.

Level of support: $6,000 per year for 5 years. As in the Patron’s Circle, a total of 75% of the funds will be used to renovate the Coffee Center building, and 25% will be used to support graduate students and visiting scholars from coffee-producing countries.

Founder's Circle

Founder's circle

The Founders provide more significant support to name individual rooms within the Coffee Center and/or to name individual student fellowships in support of coffee science. Founders receive all the benefits listed above, and they are also invited to serve on the Advisory Board of the Coffee Center to provide guidance on research, curriculum development, and outreach efforts. 

Level of support: Please contact the Coffee Center to learn about possibilities.

Other ways to support

Annual Fund

Support of the annual fund provides the Coffee Center with a critical source of flexible funds that allow us to respond to research and educational needs as they arise. Support the annual fund here.

In-Kind Gifts

The Coffee Center welcomes donations of equipment and green coffee beans. We have an ongoing need for green coffee beans, equipment and supplies for use in our undergraduate coffee lab course that is taken by the 1,500 students each year. There will also be opportunities for companies to showcase their equipment in our new facility once renovation is complete.

Research Support

There are so many unanswered questions surrounding all aspects of coffee. Support for research enables our faculty to delve deeper in to these issues and challenges facing the coffee industry. We would also be happy to discuss opportunities for sponsored research if your company has a specific need.