uc davis coffee center about vision history


Our Vision

Welcome to the UC Davis Coffee Center!  There is an ever growing need for coffee research, and we at UC Davis are honored to be at the forefront of cutting edge coffee science and education. The UC Davis Coffee Center is the first multidisciplinary university research center to address the challenges and needs of the coffee industry through a holistic approach to coffee science and education. The center will leverage our university’s global reputation for excellence, aligning expertise across campus, in both applied and basic research.

Visit our facilities and research pages to learn more about how we plan to do this and how you can contribute.


The vision for the Coffee Center was born out of the incredibly popular undergraduate elective course, The Design of Coffee, which developed by chemical engineering professors Tonya Kuhl and Bill Ristenpart in 2013. Around the same time, UC Davis launched a “Coffee Initiative” that brought together faculty interested in coffee research. With support from the coffee industry, the UC Davis Coffee Center is expanding quickly and is building towards a comprehensive program that provides educational opportunities at all levels and a broad spectrum of vital coffee research.