uc davis coffee center continuing professional education

Continuing and Professional

The Coffee Center recognizes the demand for coffee education, whether you are a coffee enthusiast or someone in the industry seeking professional development.  We will be introducing multiple courses in the next coming years of all levels. 

For 2020, we will be offering two courses: a home roasting guide and a Cupping Essentials Course (in conjunction with Coffee Quality Institute):

Introduction to Home Roasting

A two-day comprehensive course with practice on home roasters.  Lessons include: coffee seed-to-cup basics, coffee processing, introduction to industry tasting. Various coffees will be available to taste and roast.

Q Cupping Essentials

A three-day comprehensive course learning how to cup coffees using the SCA Cupping form. Focusing on sensory practices, you will get hands on experience with a wide variety of coffees (origin and processing types). This training is highly recommended if you want to learn how to professionally taste coffee or are interested in taking the Q Arabica course. Learn more.