Daniela Barile

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Position Title
Associate Professor and Chemist

  • Food Science and Technology
3164 Robert Mondavi Institute - North
Glycomics, proteomics, peptidomics

Dr. Barile's research is centered around glycomics, proteomics and peptidomics, in particular, her analytical lab is set up to investigate the structure and chemical properties as well nutritional, technological and health impacts of peptides and oligosaccharides formed in fermented food products. Dr. Barile has already published her research methods for the isolation, characterization, and quantification of oligosaccharides from roasted coffee beans and spent coffee grounds. She is interested in designing rapid methods for the identification of oligosaccharides and peptides to guide extraction methods, including developing a comprehensive bioinformatic library of oligosaccharides to help guide the biochemical changes taking place during fermentation and roasting.