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The UC Davis Coffee Center is made possible by the support of its sponsors and partners in and around the coffee industry.

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uc davis coffee center sponsor behmorBehmor

Behmor has become a global leader in home coffee roasting and brewing products. Their products are designed to give consumers the ability to customize their coffee brewing and roasting experience. The company is known for pioneering the world's first “smart” coffee maker, which allows consumers to control and program multiple functions from their smartphone. Learn more.


uc davis coffee center bencafe nicaraguaBencafé Café de Nicaragua

Bencafé is a coffee company located in Chagüitillo, Nicaragua that grows, harvests and supplies locally-grown green coffee beans. Learn more.



uc davis coffee center sponsor josumaJosuma Coffee Company

Josuma is one of the few companies in the coffee industry that offers both green and roasted coffee beans. Their 25+ years of working with leading estates in India have established them as The Authority on Indian Coffee. Known for their Malabar Gold® Espresso, they supply roasters throughout the U.S. and Canada and warehouse beans on both the east and west coasts. Learn more.


uc davis coffee center sponsor la marzoccoLa Marzocco

Founded in 1927, La Marzocco has cultivated an international reputation for producing high-end, long-lasting espresso machines. For over 90 years, the company has been a leader in developing espresso machine technology to benefit its customers and the coffee industry as a whole. Learn more.


uc davis coffee center sponsor merconMercon Coffee Group

Mercon Group is a vertically integrated global green coffee supplier. They are strongly committed to the sustainability of the coffee industry to generate long-term value and benefits for everyone in the supply chain. Its companies operate in nine countries. Learn more.


uc davis coffee center sponsor peetsPeet's Coffee

Peet's Coffee is a Berkeley-based specialty coffee roaster and retailer with over 200 locations nationwide.  Founded in 1966, Peet's known for introducing the U.S. to darker-roasted coffee beans and its commitment to quality and the environment. Learn more.


uc davis coffee center sponsor probatProbat

Since 1868, Probat has been a has stood for pioneering solutions in the processing of coffee, becoming the world market leader in machinery and systems for the coffee and food industry. Its state-of-the-art coffee roasters are used by some of the largest coffee companies around the world. Learn more.


uc davis coffee center sponsor rizo lopez foodsRizo-Lopez Foods, Inc.

Led by brothers Ivan and Edwin Francisco Rizo, Rizo-Lopez Foods, Inc. uses old world recipes and traditional techniques that uphold the traditions their family has held for generations. Learn more.


uc davis coffee center sponsor specialty coffee association scaThe Specialty Coffee Association

The Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) is a non-profit organization in the specialty coffee industry that works to make coffee better by raising standards worldwide. Its goal is to give voice and substance to the possibilities for specialty coffee around the world. Learn more.


uc davis coffee center sponsor toddyToddy

A pioneer in cold brewed coffee, Toddy was founded by chemical engineer Todd Simpson, who patented the Toddy Cold Brew System in 1964. The family-run business offers specialty coffee beans and tea leaves and supplies commercial models of the Toddy Cold Brew Systems to leading coffee and tea houses throughout the world. Learn more.