reduced-img_0420_11712855936_oThe UC Davis Coffee Center investigates all aspects of post-harvest processing of coffee, including:

  • Plant science and plant pathology
  • Fermentation microbiology
  • Sustainability / re-purposing of coffee cherries
  • Effects of green bean storage; chemical & biological degradation
  • Chemical kinetics & reaction pathways during roasting
  • Aerosol characterization & minimization during roasting
  • Energy efficiency (e.g., RTO technology)
  • Extraction & mass transfer during brewing
  • Identification and characterization of flavor molecules
  • Food safety issues, especially in cold brew
  • Sensory and consumer science
  • Biological (gut-brain) effects on consumption
  • Nutritional effects on health (e.g. FDA guidelines)
  • Psychological, social, and cultural aspects of coffee consumption
  • Agricultural economics and coffee¬†law

The Coffee Center also investigates pre-harvest aspects of coffee, inasmuch as they directly affect specific post-harvest aspects (e.g., sensory or consumer analysis).