Hildegard Heymann

uc davis coffee center distinguished professor hildegarde heymann

Position Title
Distinguished Professor and Enologist

  • Viticulture and Enology
2030 RMI Sensory

Dr. Heymann has worked in all areas of sensory science and has evaluated numerous food and non-food products including wine, meat, ice cream, cereals, juices, cat litter, soap and toothpaste. At UC Davis Dr. Heymann has continued her work with descriptive analysis methodology and multivariate data analyses. She has also worked on spirits such as gin, mescal, tequila and whiskies, food-wine interactions, wine color perception, fruit such as raisins, melons, tomatoes and figs. Additionally, she is working with her Viticulture and Enology colleagues on the sensory evaluation of grapes and wines.