David Kyle

uc davis coffee center associate professor david kyle

Position Title
Associate Professor

  • Sociology
2265 Social Sciences and Humanities

Dr. Kyle’s research focuses broadly on the comparative historical development and contemporary cultures of social innovations and inventions among entrepreneurs, inventors and creative makers within the global worlds of coffee, jazz improvisation and human mobility, especially human smuggling. He has taught courses on these topics at the undergraduate and graduate levels, building on several years of survey and field research research on four continents. He is currently writing a book about the history of the “science of creativity.” He is currently beginning field research on social entrepreneurs and grassroots “minority creativity” among small coffee growers and cooperatives in Mexico, Central America, Ecuador, Brazil, Vietnam and Rwanda, as well as coffee shop culture and coffee-making in Northern California, Seattle and NYC. He currently teaches a course entitled “World in a Cup: The Sociology of Global Coffee Cultures” (SOC 5). Dr. Kyle has conducted numerous radio and television interviews and is available to give lectures and workshops on the intersection of Coffee and Creativity.