Nicaragua Field Station

uc davis coffee center nicaragua field station

The UC Davis Coffee Center is delighted to be partnering with the Nicaraguan coffee community to develop a field station located in Jinotega, Nicaragua.

Many of the unanswered scientific questions about coffee directly pertain to processes that occur either on the coffee farm or during the post-harvest processing.  Because little coffee is grown in the United States, these questions are difficult for scientists based in the United States to address. At the same time, many coffee producing countries don’t have access to the same level of scientific infrastructure that the United States enjoys.

A key goal for the UC Davis Coffee Center is to bridge this international gap. We are working with our partners in Nicaragua – Bencafe, Mercon and Rizo-Lopez – to build and construct our first field station. The field station will be located in Jinotega, Nicaragua and will house laboratory and classroom space to support scientific research and education. Importantly, the field station will be immediately adjacent to the rich multitude of coffee farms, wet mills, and dry mills in the coffee producing northern highlands of Nicaragua. The field station will also feature living quarters to house visiting scientists and students from around the world.